From Oxnard With Love

From Oxnard With Love

By: Frances Marquez



For years we've had a common goal of creating a space where we can share our favorite things to do in greater Ventura County (aka the 805). With the launch of, we have finally landed the perfect space to do so!

Irene and I moved away from Oxnard living and working in numerous cosmopolitan cities. We were women in our 20s trying to explore the world and discover ourselves. As life would have it, we each came to a point where we yearned the solace of our hometown and the comfort of knowing we were ready to plant our roots in this strawberry field-bearing, ocean-facing city of Oxnard (although Irene lives in neighboring Ventura, um, eye roll).

We're amazed by how much our small, beautiful city of immigrants and entrepreneurs has grown-- WOW! We're impressed by so many amazing businesses, activities, eateries, and tourists crowding our beaches these days.

Irene and I will begin sharing some of the coolest, "happenings" in Ventura County. Our older sister Anabel will also contribute as we highlight the best of local activities because we all know LA is way cool but local is way better.   

From Oxnard, with so much love, 

Irene & Frances

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