About Us

mija [mee-hah] noun: Deriving from the Spanish-language term Mi Hija, literally meaning “my daughter.” Mija is used as a familiar and affectionate expression to address women, in a similar fashion as one would approach a lady with “dear” "sweetheart" or “honey."

MIJA Studios is the creation of Guadalupe Marquez and her daughters Irene and Frances, all of whom share a passion for design and fashion centered around second-hand & vintage items.

Born & raised in Southern California, Irene and Frances have always been avid second-hand and vintage curators. As far as they can remember, their weekend excitement came from the thrill of finding unique treasures alongside their mom. For Guadalupe, a creative & financially savvy mother, thrifting with her daughters was a money-saving hobby that created the perfect bonding experience. From shopping at neighborhood yard sales to visiting local thrift stores, the thrill of the find was always a weekend highlight for mom and daughters.

Irene moved away to the Bay Area for college and ended up making the city of San Francisco her home for 15 years. Frances joined Irene in San Francisco after high school and would eventually pursue a career that took her to Los Angeles, London, Zurich & Hong Kong. Years later, both sisters found their way back to Ventura County and joined their mom in the launch of MIJA Studios. 

When the COVID pandemic put a pause on local markets & shut down pop-up shops, MIJA Studios turned to Instagram as a vehicle to sell products and promote inventory drops. The success on Instagram ultimately paved the way for an online sales platform. 

MIJA Studios combines the style and cosmopolitan influence of city living, international travel and the cool California coastal vibe. We curate a mix of stylish and eclectic goods that cater to a diverse demographic. Our mission is to source first-rate home goods, fabulous apparel and unique furniture pieces for those who appreciate beauty and quality.