Home Decor
We are constantly sourcing the most beautiful and unique vintage decor items. We love and take pride in bringing our one-of-a-kind pieces to enhance the look of your home. Whether you purchase our furniture, wall art, ceramic sculptures or vintage glassware, MIJA Studios will elevate any room to make it as fabulous and comfortable as the customer envisions.
Retail Space Styling
Aside from styling homes, our inventory can transform your retail space with the most desirable ambiance and vibe to make customers feel energized and inspired. We offer styling services and product rentals to furnish your space in a way that reflects your company's brand, image, and aesthetic.  
Parties & Events 
Lastly, we have been styling parties and events since 2003. Our experience creating memorable gatherings means we've got the tools, equipment, and staff ready to do anything, whether it's styling a glamorous dinner party, designing the event of your dreams or creating a beautiful display of treats and confectionery. To best serve your event styling needs, we are happy to offer a consultation and discuss themes, visions and budget.